Where to Buy WEN Shampoo?


There are various stores in the United Kingdom that you can sell Wen shampoo and they include Tesco and ASDA. You can also buy the product from different sites such as wenhaircare and squidoo.
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I recommend that you try the WEN starter kit first. The starter kit includes the cleansing conditioner, styling cream, re-moist deep conditioner, texture balm and a wide tooth comb.
Wen shampoo is a new innovative hair product that requires no lathe...
i use wen.it says cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol.i don't know if that's a safer type of alcohol or something, but it doesn't contain any of the other stuff you mentioned. and
WEN Set of Three for Medium-Coarse, Ethnic, African American Hair - 6oz. Price: $35.00. You Save: $7.00 (17% Product Features. WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner 6oz. WEN Lavender Cleansing
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1. Purchase shampoo for normal hair. Pert Plus Medium and Pert Plus Fresh have been created for normal hair. Both shampoos have conditioners, and Pert Plus Fresh ...
To buy Wen products and hair care visit: ...
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