Where can you find tadpoles?


Tadpoles can be found in various outdoor habitats provided that water and food are present. Therefore, you can find tadpoles in small ponds, especially along the edges of the pond where algae and other plants are found. You can also find tadpoles in lakes, particularly along the shallow edges where they can easily survive.
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you can find tadpoles in lakes and ponds and salt marshes that's where they are and you can find them please let me know for any thing else you need help with i always on wikianswers
Instructions. Look for tadpoles in small ponds, such as a farm pond. Small ponds attract many species of frogs and toads, which lay their eggs in spring. Search for tadpoles in the
You're pretty much limited to bullfrogs and green frogs, as most tadpoles transfore in their first year. Try looking in the local ponds.
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