What are the current values of Beanie Babies?


Defects, retirement and condition all affect the value of Beanies. Check Ty's website to determine if your Beanie Baby is retired. Check the Internet or a collector's guide to determine if a flaw on your Beanie Baby will lessen
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1. Check the Beanie Baby for two tags placed on the toy by the Ty Company. One tag is heart-shaped and made out of paper. The other is a cloth tag sewn on the Beanie Baby. Beanie
beanie babies prices have gong down tremendiencly since they were popular. If a collecter wanted one they could be worth any where between 1-30000000 dollars. New York.
http://www.barrysbeaniescatalog.com/serv… this mite help, not sure though good luck!
The value of beanie babies vary depending on condition. The value may be
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To find the value of beanie babies, contact your local beanie baby dealer or check on eBay.
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