Where to Get Free History of My House?


You can use surviving records to build a picture of occupancy of the house. However, you should work back in time from modern sources using land surveys, electoral lists and census records first.Old maps are always a good bet, as are estate records, but it can be very difficult to obtain a precise date of construction.
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1. Gather up as much information as you can about the address, including the zip code. If you know the block and lot codes, which a lot of municipalities use to quickly identify an
That type of research usually takes a trip to the land records office and many hours of research on your part. Few land records are available for free online. Many records that are
1. Go to the local municipality's planning department or similar planning authority. Ask to see all the records kept on your house. In some cases, be prepared to see things on microfiche
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One can find the history of his/her house from the land Registry. One can find information on previous developments carried out on the house from the title map ...
A person can often find the history of what went on in their house by plugging their address into a newspaper database. This will bring up any significant information ...
Tracing the history of a house or property for free can be done by going online, getting the assistance of a real estate title company or visiting your county ...
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