Where to Get Potassium Nitrate?


Potassium Nitrate, or Salt Peter, can most commonly be found at your local garden store. You can also order it from a laboratory or chemical supply company.
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1. Determine the form of potassium nitrate needed for your application or project. Potassium nitrate, although forming within caves as white mineral fibers, crusts and crystals, can
1. Go to a local hardware (such as Lowes) Purchase stump remover. Some of them contain potassium nitrate, such as Spectracide Stump Remover, which is 100% potassium nitrate. Ad. 2
A formula unit of potassium nitrate consists of one atom of potassium, one of nitrogen, and three of oxygen. It's chemical formula is therefore: KNO. 3.
n. A transparent white crystalline compound, KNO 3 , used to pickle meat and in the manufacture of pyrotechnics, explosives, matches, rocket propellants, and fertilizers. Also called
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Potassium nitrate surprisingly has a wide variety of uses. The most common use for potassium nitrate is as a fertilizer in vegetable gardens and in lawns. ...
Potassium Nitrate, commonly referred to as Saltpeter, has been used as a main component used in gun powder. It naturally occurs in decomposing urine. Today, ...
Common household items that contain Potassium Nitrate would possibly be certain brands of toothpaste, floor cleaners, and air fresheners. Potassium Nitrate is ...
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