Where to Get Saltpeter?


You should be able to purchase saltpeter in any garden supply stores. You are also able to purchase potassium nitrate, a saltpeter compliment at Lowe's or Home Depot. If not found, Potassium nitrate can be home made.
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How to Make Saltpeter
Ancient civilizations through current day have used saltpeter for kindling by rubbing two sticks together. Black powder is another form of saltpeter. Recipes go all the way back to Greece and 15th century Germany. Saltpeter is also used for gun cotton,... More »
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Salt Peter is also known as potassium or sodium nitrate. It has been used in gunpowder and was once collected from decomposing materials. Salt Peter is also used in fireworks and
pottasium nitrate.
1. Click on your "Collections" and select "Manure" to see how much manure you need. You need at least one of each type to trade for one saltpeter. (Ref 1) 2. Feed
[sôltܒpēṭǝr] Brit. saltpetre sôltˈpēṭǝr Brit. saltpetre n. another term for potassium nitrate. See the Introduction, Abbreviations
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When using sodium nitrate, also known as saltpeter, to cure meats or corned beef, you can sometimes substitute a lesser amount of nitrite to get the same effect. ...
Saltpeter and sugar are the two major ingredients needed to make a smoke bomb. Sugar is a compound commonly used in baking and to sweeten drinks or other foods. ...
Saltpeter has many uses depending on the mineral that it refers to. It may refer to potassium nitrate which is the critical oxidizing component of gunpowder, or ...
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