Where can I go on a rainy day?


Places to go on a rainy day include museums, bowling alleys and the mall. Restaurants and bars are usually open on rainy days, as are billiard halls, arcades and skating rinks. Depending on the day, it may be possible to catch a concert, play or movie. Spending an enjoyable day at home when it's raining is also an option.

Glamour Magazine recommends visiting a museum on a rainy day and using the opportunity to learn more about some form of culture or art. If there are indoor malls or shopping centers nearby, choose rainy days to go window shopping or run errands that keep getting postponed.

Most bars and restaurants are open on rainy days, so visiting one nearby might be fun, as there might be others there sipping coffee or having a glass of beer or wine while watching the rain fall outside. Rainy days are also good days for indoor games and sports. Roller rinks, ice skating rinks and arcades are typically open during the daytime. Those who enjoy playing pool can visit a billiard hall. Movie theaters are generally open on rainy days, and taking a visit to a local comedy club or a concert hall might also be exciting.

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-bowling -movies -park with an umbrella(it could be kinda romantic)
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