How to Use a Tie Pin?


When wearing a tie pin, the pin should be placed where the middle of the third and fourth buttons are located on your shirt. When the pin is put in this position you'll also be able to be see it when wearing a suit jacket.
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1. Look at your tie pin. It should have two parts: the pin, which will show on your tie, and the base, which has the pin holder at one end and a metal crosspiece on the other. These
Tie pins are used for those who wear neckties and keep both ends from dangling all over the place. You can find them at many tie stores and perhaps different clothing stores.
Visit Ikea at Dubai Festival City, you will find several varieties of plastic boxes and probably something specific for tie pins too. thanks team
Place the bow tie around your neck, situating it so that the end is about
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You want to put a tie pin on a tie usually in the middle. In the center of the tie, it will be visible and create a visual spot for people to focus their eyes.
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