Where can I sell my Royal Doulton Dickens figurines?


You can sell your royal Doulton dickens figurines in an auction like the 1818 Auctioneers. They have various categories of auction to suit all needs. For instance; Fine Arts, Antiques & Collectables, Good quality modern Furniture & Household effects, Beswick, Doulton, Border Fine Arts and Other Figurines and Collectors Toys and Models, including Model Railways and Railwayana.
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Quote: Originally Posted by michellendaisy Hello, I have 2 royal doulton figures that I would like to sell. Does anybody know a place in the Fort Mill area that buys items like this
One can purchase a Royal Doulton Figurine online at Royal Doulton's official website. One can also purchase them at Amazon or eBay, among other websites.
Upscale department stores. Are you sure you are spelling it right? The company may have a web site with "where to get them in your area"
Try visiting www.ebay.co.uk.
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