What is the best place to stay in Boston?


Boston has numerous hotels to offer, but none compares to the Boston Marriott Quincy hotel which is easy access to Boston city, Plymouth and Cape Cod. This central location makes this hotel perfect for Boston weekend getaways or business travel.
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Most visiting sports teams choose not to stay in the same hotel every time they visit each town. This is in part to keep autograph hounds (and numb-skulls who will do anything to
Here are some. great options for centrally located hotels in Boston: XV Beacon. : Luxurious and chic, this Beacon Hill hotel (which is also popular with celebrities who want to be
Boston is a quintessential American city to visit. History greets you everywhere you turn; make sure you plan time for a walking tour, the self-paced Freedom Trail walk is a ... Read
The best part of town to stay in depends on what else you might want to do besides a Sox game and the Sam brewery tour, and on how tight your schedule is likely to be. From any of
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The Cradle of Liberty. The Hub of the Universe. The Athens of America. These are big words for a mid-sized city. But Boston lives up to them. With its rich history, grand architecture and ... More »
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