Who is Babbu Maan?


Babbu Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, producer and actor who debuted his first album in 1998 and made his first movie appearance in 2003. Maan has more than a dozen musical projects to his credit and has appeared in several feature films. His main musical style is Bhangra music, and he is a pop singer in his native language.

Babbu Maan was born Tejinder Singh Maan on March 29, 1976, in the village of Khant Maanpur, Punjab, India. His first stage performance took place at school when he was 7 years old. Maan perfected his craft at Punjab University in his late teens, and he created his first professional album at 23.

The singer maintains a presence on social media with occasional Twitter and Facebook posts. As of July 2014, Maan has more than 1.9 million likes on Facebook and more than 23,500 followers on Twitter. Maan shares his thoughts and comments on music, touring and international affairs. The singer frequently markets his own YouTube channel.

Maan took a break from acting for 2 years before working on other projects. As of July 2014, the actor is working on a movie titled "BAAZ" alongside director Simerjit Singh. Maan's production studio, SWAG Entertainers, produced the film. "BAAZ" is an action-drama.

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