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According to True Knowledge, Blackbeard was born in Bristol England. Other sources such as say he was born in 1680. He was a fierce pirate with 200 men in his crew. He had a ship and long pistols while his crew had swords, ate salted fish and washed his smelling clothes in a bowl.
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Edward Teach was born circa 1680 in England (?).
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Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach was born in 1680. He was a notorious pirate who enjoyed a reign of terror between 1716 and 1718. Blackbeard was killed in 1718 by the Captain
Blackbeard was born Edward Teach in Bristol, England.
He was born around 1680...the exact birthdate is not known. Source(s):
Bristol. Bristol, the city, unitary authority area and ceremonial county in South West England, with an estimated population of 433,100 for the unitary authority in 2009, and a surrounding
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Blackbeard's real name is for Edward Teach. He was a very notorious English pirate who operated around East coast of America and the West Indies. He was born in ...
Blackbeard was British, probably born before 1690. His real name was thought to be Edward Teach. As a young seaman, he had served on a British privateer that was ...
Blackbeard's real name is not known. It is believed he was born in Bristol, England and came to the Caribbean serving as a privateer in Queen Anne's War. He is ...
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