Where Was Eggnog Invented?


Eggnog was invented in England where eggnog was a trademark drink of the upper class back in the early 19th century. Eggnog was made using milk and eggs and some even mixed it with brandy or rum. It therefore became popular in America where eggs, milk and rum were plentiful.
Q&A Related to "Where Was Eggnog Invented?"
Egg nog was invented after the chicken nog.
It is believed that Eggnog dates back to the 1600s. It became popular among the upper
The actual origins of eggnog are subject to dispute & conjecture. The nog derived from noggin (ale/a small wooden cup) or grog (made with rum).
Eggnog, or a very similar drink, may have originated in East Anglia, England, though it may also have been developed from posset (a medieval European beverage made with hot milk).
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