Where was "Gilligan's Island" filmed?


The iconic television program "Gilligan's Island" was filmed at three different locations throughout the course of its run. The show filmed at Honolulu, Hawaii, CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles and Studio City in Los Angeles.

Airing for three seasons on CBS, "Gilligan's Island" is the brainchild of Sherwood Schwartz, who also created "The Brady Bunch." Telling the story of seven stranded castaways, the program enjoyed solid ratings during its original run on the Tiffany Network. Ultimately, "Gilligan's Island" became well known to additional generations of fans through its wide distribution through syndication. A typically missed piece of trivia involves the fact that the U.S. flag flying in the harbor during opening credits to the show is at half mast. The sequence was filmed in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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it was actually filmed in the arctic tundra around the centre of the north pole. Yeah right... coconut trees in the arctic tundra? LOL The pilot episode, which I have never seen,
It was filmed in
Googling around: The lagoon in "Gilligan's Island" was on CBS's Studio City back lot. The lagoon was built for the show in 1963 at a cost of $75,000. Dead trees were planted
CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA See more »
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