Where Was Oil First Discovered?


It is believed that oil was first discovered in in the United States of America by Christopher Columbus. However, there have been claims that during 347 A.D, there were oils wells drilled in China. It may be difficult to establish the origin of oil because of the existence of the many types oils.
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Big Lake, Texas.
Crude oil was pumped from the ground in Sichuan, China, 2500 years ago. ChaCha on my
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Most likely by a cattle man in Texas. Oil was on the surface in low areas and poisoned the cattle. The First OIL well in the U.S. > copied from web page: The Drake Well Museum
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Oil has been discovered before the dinosaur days about 200 million years ago. Crude oil was pumped from Sichuan, China 2500 years ago. But the history of oil discoveries began in 347 AD.
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