Where Was the First Heart Transplant?


The first heart transplant procedure was performed in 1967. It was performed by South African Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky. Unfortunately, Lewis Washkansky later died from his body's lack of immunity required to fight off infections from the surgery.
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The first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town, South Africa by a man named Christian Barnard. The transplant was performed on a man named Louis Washkansky who lived 18 days after the operation was done.
The first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town, South Africa. It was Performed on December 3, 1967 by Dr. Christiaan Barnard. The first heart transplant did not survive, he passed away 18 days after surgery from pneumonia. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org
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A heart transplant is a procedure that a doctor performs on a person with a bad heart and replaces it with a good one. It is truly and amazing thing!
Finding a donor may be difficult. The United Network for Organ Donors reports that as of November 2009, approximately 3,000 people are on the waiting list for a heart donor. If a
there is none you die.
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The first heart transplant took place in Cape Town, South Africa. It was performed by surgeon Christiaan Barnard in 1967. Today, over 3,500 heart transplants are ...
The first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town, South Africa on Mr Washkansky who was 53 years of age. It was successfully but he died after 18 days from ...
A South African surgeon named Christiaan Barnard performed the very first heart transplant on December 3, 1967. The patients was 53 year old Lewis Washkansky. ...
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