Which battery is equivalent to LR41?


An LR41 battery is an alkaline button cell battery. An equivalent battery would be one of several other models. One is a size 392A, and another is a GP192.
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Alkaline Watch AG3/392A CrossReference:Eveready-192,Varta-V3GA,Ma. xell/Toshiba/Panasonic/IEC-LR41. Alkaline Watch AG3/392A CrossReference:E. Amazon Marketplace. store rating: $0.01
I contacted the 3rd party manufacturer and they agreed to take the battery back. They said some customers have this problem because Dell is looking for a code from the battery that
The LR41 button cell microbattery has alkaline chemistry, dimensions of 7.9 by 3.6 millimeters and produces 1.5 volts. Depending on the manufacturer, the 192, RW87 and V3GA batteries
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