Which brand has non-comedogenic makeup?


There are multiple cosmetic brands that offer noncomedogenic makeup, including Neutrogena and Bare Minerals. A product may be labeled as noncomedogenic if it does not contain ingredients that are likely to give the wearer any additional whiteheads or blackheads.

Products that are not likely to cause breakouts are listed very clearly as such, and there are products at all price points that offer noncomedogenic makeup. Neutrogena, CoverGirl and Revlon are all drugstore makeup brands that have products labeled as noncomedogenic. Luxury brands that provide makeup listed as noncomedogenic include the Bare Minerals line from Bare Escentuals and Murad hybrid treatment and cosmetic products.

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When an item is marked as non-comedogenic it means that it doesn't block pores. You can find non-comedogenic foundations easily at a drugstore. Brands such as ...
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