Best Mouser Cat Breed?


To get a cat that is good at catching mice (a mouser), a specific breed is not necessary, some of the best mousers are mixed breed cats. When looking for a good mouser look for a cat, or kitten that is playful. One particular habit that seems to be a sign of good mousers, is that they want to carry things in their mouth.
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Good mousers are the American Shorthairs.
1. Adopt a cat to be your pet, not to become a mouser. Consider your cat's hunting abilities as an advantage, if it chooses to hunt. Remember that some cats are natural hunters, while
Any cat who is fairly hyper tempered and playful makes a good mouser, you just have to find a way to read their personalities. No cat will keep away from baby chicks though, so just
There are many breeds of cats. The best way to determine your cats breed would be to compare your cat to other cats. They type of fur they have, their personality and their characteristics
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There is not a particular breed of cats that are the best mousers. Some people say female cats are the best. Mousing is usually taught by the mother cat. ...
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Cats that are ideal for indoor breeding are the Australian Mist, the Domestic Shorthair, the Abyssinian, the Chinchilla, the Persian, the Siamese and the Ragdoll ...
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