What cars have ISOFIX?


The main aim for car manufacturers is that any ISOFIX child car seat should fit by simply plugging it into the ISOFIX points. Most of the cars produced since 2002 have two ISOFIX point but, these points have become standardise since 2006. It is therefore important that you check the compatibility for ISOFIX car seat in any vehicle produced before 2006.
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They have isofix fixing points in most new cars , particularly VW and Renault
No matter where you live, insurers have developed some sort of scale by which they classify cars for insurance purposes. In England, according to the website uSwitch, the Association
If the car has ISOFIX fittings then any ISOFIX car seat will fit just fine, being a standard fitting they are all designed to fit!
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Isofix are slots in your car that are designed for fitting a child's chair. It has been adopted by most modern cars as a safe way for people who want to travel with their infants. It provides space for fixing a child's chair in the car for safety purposes.
International Standards Organization FIX (ISOFIX) is a standard being adapted by car seats and vehicle manufacturers in their car seat installation.ISOFIX fittings ponts are put in vehicles to help children travel safely.These car seats are only compartible with vehicles that were manufactured in 2006 whereas vehicles manufactured earlier than this do not have these installations and therefore it is important that the dealer manufacturers are contacted first before purchasing a vehicle.
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