Which Cars Have Timing Chains?


Ford Scorpio cars have timing chains also Micra, Suzuki, Yaris, BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz and any other small Jap models use timing chains. The problem with the timing chain to timing belt are: Auto box problems common from 60,000 miles; ECU problems common, leading to catalytic converter problems; Fuse boxes vulnerable and contacts rust and standard ABS costs a fortune to fix.
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1. Open the vehicle's hood and inspect the engine block. Identify the timing marks on the tab just above the harmonic balancer (crankshaft damper pulley) of the block. The balancer
same thing as a timing belt. it connects the engine with all the other parts of the car that need to be runned. The timing belt or timing chain is used to turn the camshafts half
When the time comes to buy a new car, people want to get the best deal they can find. Think about the best time to buy a car to ensure you're getting a good price. The best time to
1. Locate your owner's manual; you will most likely need it to disassemble and reassemble various parts. Ad. 2. Clean the engine with the proper degreaser thoroughly before beginning
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