Which cartoon character said "dagnabit"?


Yosemite Sam is the cartoon character known for his use of the exclamation "dagnabbit!" Other notable quotes include "Goodbye rabbit!" "Say yer prayers, varmint!" "Oooooo! I'll keelhaul you for this!" and many others, according to Yosemite Sam Quotes.

Yosemite Sam made his debut in 1945 in the Warner Bros. cartoon "Hare Trigger." The hot-tempered, often grouchy character quickly became known as the pistol-packing, gun-slinging cowboy and archenemy of Bugs Bunny in the animated Looney Tunes comedy short films. Yosemite Sam also played a number of other roles during the series, including confederate soldier, town mayor, royal cook, prison guard, desert sheik, space alien and pirate.

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