Which countries are hot year-round?


Some parts of Mexico are hot throughout the entire year, including southern Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula and coastal plains. Temperatures stay at around 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit all year.

Many countries throughout the world receive sunshine during most if not all of the days of the year. New Zealand in Australia has a rather temperate climate, with its largest city, Auckland, receiving over 2,000 hours of sunshine yearly.

Portugal is another country that has hot weather all year. It has a Mediterranean climate, with up to 3,200 hours of sunshine yearly. The highest temperature that it tends to reach is 117 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Nepal is a country where it is hot in certain areas, no matter what the season. It is rather tropical on its southern border. However, there are distinct seasons: spring, monsoon, summer, fall and winter.

Jamaica is hot almost all of the time. It also is quite humid because it is in the middle of the hurricane belt. There often are hurricanes and other types of storms. A marine park that was created in 1999 because of the diverse ecosystems there.

In Kenya, the hottest month of the year is February, and the coolest is August. Even with the hot temperatures, there are still glaciers on the top of Mount Kenya. This mountain has the second tallest peak in all of Africa.

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