What countries does the Amazon River flow through?


The countries that the Amazon flows through are Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. The Amazon flows from the Andes Mountains in Peru up to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second longest river in the world.
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The Amazon River is exclusively in South America. The Amazon River proper flows mostly in. Peru. and. Brazil. It flows from its origin in the Peruvian Andes not far from the western
The countries through which the entire Amazon system flows are
Russia, the River Volga is completely in Russia.
The Seine River flows through the city of Paris in France.
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River Amazon flows through the Amazon basin that goes through Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. It is the second longest river but the largest in regard to water flow. River Amazon has the largest drainage which covers 30% of South America.
The Amazon River flows through Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. It is the second largest river in the world and is about 6,556 kilometres long. Its width varies between 10 kilometres to 48 kilometres and is sometimes called The River Sea due to its vast dimensions.
The Amazon River passes through Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela. The river runs for 4,827 kilometres and it is part of one of the most extra ordinary ecosystems in the world today. The Amazon River is home to some of the most unique water creatures in the world.
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