Arctic Circle Countries?


There seven counties which are part of the Arctic circle and these are: United States of America, Greenland, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Iceland has less than one square kilometre inside the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is a popular tourist site where people go hiking.
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i do not know. You did not even same the name of the country. Like seriously.
Countries with land that is partly within the
There are 8 countries that lie partly north of the arctic circle. Going west from 0 deg. longitude: Iceland (Grimsey island) Denmark (Greenland) Canada United States (Alaska) Russia
No one owns any part of Antarctica. Antarctica does not belong to any nation, but is governed under an international treaty that bars countries from owning or exploiting its land.
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Greenland is considered part of North America continent. It is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans ...
There are total of three continents that the artic circle passes through. It passes through Alaska and Canada in the North American continent, Denmark and Greenland ...
North America, Europe, and Asia are the continents that have areas in the Arctic tundra region. The Arctic tundra region is located at the northernmost part of ...
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