Which Dollar Tennessee Lottery Tickets Win the Most?


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Latest Tennessee Lottery Results
Cash 3 DAY (Wednesday, Apr 30) 256
Cash 3 EVE (Tuesday, Apr 29) 812
Cash 4 DAY (Wednesday, Apr 30) 1367
Cash 4 EVE (Tuesday, Apr 29) 0621
Tennessee Cash (Monday, Apr 28) 03-08-20-24-29**05
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The "Cash 4" game has had numerous winners
Lottery odds vary depending on how many people have bought tickets, and how many numbers are used.
Honest to God, it just doesn't matter. Whatever you choose, the EXPECTATION is the same. You can expect to "win" back approximately HALF of what you spend on lottery tickets
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The dollar Tennessee lottery tickets that win the most are the Mega Millions and Powerball games. The winning about differs from week to week. The largest winning amount for Mega Millions was $640 million and the largest Powerball was $365 million dollars.
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