Which Electric Heaters Are Cheapest to Run?


The cheapest electric heaters to use are the portable heaters. They are light and they are great if you want to heat a room fast as they warm up quickly. There are mainly three types of portable electric heaters and they include fan, oil-filled and convector heaters.
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If there is no thermostat, it makes no difference. IE 1kw=1kw! If there is a thermostat, go for Oil filled. The Oil retains the heat much better so will continue to give off warmth
Electricity is measured and sold by the kilowatt-hour. This is a measurement of power that takes into account the amount of energy and the time frame over which it is consumed, similar
It all depends on the wattage of the heater . Kilowatts is what you are paying for ,so the more the wattage the more you will pay . All electric that I know of use 1500 watts max.
All electric heaters will produce the same amount of heat (BTUs) per unit of electricity (kWh) namely 1 kWh = 3412 BTU. So it will cost the same to heat the room to a given temperature
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Radiant heaters are among the cheapest electric heaters one can use. These bar heaters have a glowing element as well as a reflector. Other cheap electric heaters to run are fan heaters, convection heaters, and night store heaters.
The cheapest electric heater to run is a thermostat electric heater. It reduces the amount of electric energy that is consumed and switches off power often. However, if there is no thermostat for your heater, then the oil filled heater is an advisable heater as it retains much of its heat better and will continue to give off warmth.
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