Which Elements Form Covalent Bonds?


Generally, elements which are non-metals form covalent bonds. These bonds are generally formed when the elements share electrons. Some good examples of these are the gas molecules.
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Certain molecular compounds of phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, or other elements
Two elements, at least one of which is not a metallic element, with a difference in electronegativity of less than 0.3.
Covalent bonds only occur between non-metals so all except potassium(K) Source(s) Chemist.
The periodic table is divided into two broad groups: metals and nonmetals. There are 18 nonmetals and more than 80 metals in the periodic table. Though the group of nonmetals encompasses
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A covalent bond is a bond in which there is sharing of electrons between atoms. Formation of covalent bonds is seen between various elements typically consisting of two non-metals. For example covalent bonds are formed between carbon atoms.
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