Which Game Is Best to Play in New York State Lottery for Your Money?


Based on the odds of winning the Jackpot of the New York State Lottery the best lottery to play would be the Sweet Million. As for scratch off games the odds of winning are all about the same.
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Latest New York Lottery Results
Numbers DAY (Sunday, Mar 9) 235
Numbers EVE (Sunday, Mar 9) 869
Win 4 DAY (Sunday, Mar 9) 7025
Win 4 EVE (Sunday, Mar 9) 2569
Take Five (Saturday, Mar 8) 01-10-24-28-31
Pick 10 (Sunday, Mar 9) 02-05-13-14-17-23-30-34-50-52-55-57-58-59-66-70-76-78-79-80
Sweet-Millions (Thursday, Mar 6) 04-11-24-37-39-40
Lotto (Saturday, Mar 8) 02-10-15-31-34-56**14
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You are so ignorant.
"None" is correct. The lottery is the worst bet on the planet! Do you realize that the lottery companies keep about 50% of all the money they collect? You could buy 50 tickets
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