Which gum flavor lasts the longest?


5 Gum is said to be the brand whose flavor lasts the longest. Gum in general will last quite a while in the mouth.
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5 gum
Extra gum is known for its incredible, long-lasting minty flavors that can trigger a state of
i will have to disagree with the other 2. trident sticks do NOT last the longest. they do last long, but wrigley's "5" gum lasts forever! any of their flavors do but i like
The best way for you to answer this question is through experimentation. I'll give you some suggestions about how I'd go about setting up experiments that can help you determine which
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There is no comprehensive, definitive answer to which gum flavor (or brand) lasts the longest. However, you may conduct your own small-scale experiment comparing popular brands and flavors of gum.
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