Which gun is more powerful: a 44 magnum or a 500 S&W magnum?


The .500 S&W Magnum is said to be more powerful than the .44 Magnum. I'm not sure that Dirty Harry would agree, but heck you can't win them all now can you.
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The .44 Magnum is about twice as powerful as the .357
Factory loads definitely the 44 mag Most 45LC are loaded to lower pressures because of all the 100 year old guns still being used that would blow up if the 45 was loaded to full potential
The Desert Eage .50 caliber is more powerful than a .44 magnum, but .44 magnum bullet speed is faster.
Ok here it is. The 44 magnum was develpoed off the 44 special cartridge by non other than Elmer Keith. The only difference in the two is the length of the brass. This is so some unknown
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