Is the Koran or the Bible older?


The Bible is hundreds of years older than the Quran or Koran. Found in the Bible are the teachings of Christianity. Koran holds the teachings for Islam founded by Prophet Mohammed.
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Thbible is over hundreds of years older then the Koran.
The Bible is by far the older book with the earliest books possibly being written about 1446 BC and 1406 BC, whereas the Koran was compiled sometime in the 7th century AD.
Parts of the Bible's stories date back to 1450 - 1410 B.C. The Koran was written around 610 to 632 CE.
Your question is about religion. Religion falls under the broad category of opinion/beliefs. Opinion/beliefs are neither true nor false. Both holy books contain documents dating back
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Whether the Koran or the Bible are older depends on who you are asking, but historically speaking Christianity precedes Islam. Muhammed, founder of Islam, was born around the 6th century by the Gregorian calendar. Islam is a response of the times.
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