Which mammal has the longest life expectancy?


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Bowhead Whales are the mammals with the longest lifespan in the world, living between 170 and 200 years.
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Human being then Elephant.
Man is the longest living mammal. Some other mammal life spans follow: 69 years for an Elephant, 50 years for a Horse and 40 years for a Chimpanzee.
Humans have the longest average life span of any mammal.
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Usually, age in animals is estimated using the teeth, and because bowhead whales lack them, it is difficult to estimate their age. Scientists did not know that the bowhead whale had an unusual lifespan until some interesting specimens turned up during whale hunts. These whales had embedded harpoons and spears in them that could be dated to at least 100 years prior, according to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. One discovered in 2007 had an embedded harpoon linked to production in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1890. Scientists then used chemical evidence from bowhead whales' eyes to estimate their ages, and they found one specimen with an estimated age of 211 years.

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