Which Minivans Have All Wheel Drive?


Some minivans that have all wheel drive include the Honda Odyssey. Other all wheel drive minivans include the Toyota Sienna and the Ford Aerostar. You can find all wheel drive options in the Chrysler Town and Country as well.
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Base model 2011 Toyota Sienna minivans are outfitted with two-wheel drive; however, the LE, XLE and Limited models have optional AWD. According to an Edmunds review, "since its
Toyota Sienna is AWD. Honda Odessy is not.
2012 Ford Fiesta has front wheel drive. 2012 Ford Fusion, Flex Crossover
doubt you want to spend the money, but the new Porsche sedan has 4-wheel drive, I believe, but way expensive, and quite ugly. I believe that some of the Kia's have 4-wheel drive.
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Which Minivans Have All Wheel Drive?
Minivans aren't an endangered species in the sense that they're likely to disappear altogether anytime soon -- but crossovers have thinned the herd quite a bit. Back in the 1990s, manufactures started pushing light trucks and off-road vehicles in... More »
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