Which of the following is not a characteristic of romanticism?


According to Dictionary.com, romanticism is a literary and artistic movement of the 19th century that stressed emotion and imagination. In contrast, realism is also a 19th century artistic movement focused on objective subject matter independent of artificiality. Characteristics of realist works of art, but not of romantic ones, include plausibility, reality and truthfulness.

As Wikipedia notes, the romantic emphasis on idealism and emotional exaggeration was heavily rejected by the Realists. Realism grew out of the 1848 revolutions and valued rationality above all else. Romanticism was a reaction to the scientific rationalization of nature and the Age of Enlightenment. In addition, Romantics valued medieval culture, yet the Realists favored typical contemporary situations. This particular divide stemmed from Romanticism's rejection of the Industrial Revolution that brought about urban sprawl and commercialization. As a result, Romantics also dealt with historical writing but many experts claim that their involvement negatively affected historiography.

Conversely, Wikipedia states that Realists sought to portray life as it currently was and offered an alternative to the exotic themes of Romanticism. By the mid-19th century, society viewed these as polar opposites. Both movements took hold in the United States as writers such as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mark Twain shifted both movements into a new context.

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