Which Part of the Flower Develops into the Seed?


The part of the flower which develops into a seed is the ovule. The word ovule means 'small egg'. It is where the reproductive cells of the plants come from.
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It's easy to see the stamen on this lily. Most flowers have both a stamen, which is the male flower part, and a pistil, the female flower part. The stamen consists of paired anthers
the ovule
After fertilization, the fertilized egg develops into an embryonic
The zygote develops into the embryo as a result of seed development. Source(s) Plant biology class.
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Which Parts of the Flower Develop Into the Seeds?
Flowers developed to help plants reproduce themselves. It's relaxing to watch bees and butterflies move from plant to plant, gathering pollen and nectar, but the activity is a sort of "business relationship." To reproduce, plants need to spread... More »
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