Which side of aluminum foil should face out?


According to America's Test Kitchen, the overall quality of cooking isn't affected by which side of the foil comes in contact with the food. However, Real Simple suggests the use of a non-stick spray on the foil, because most foil sticks to the food unless it is greased.

America's Test Kitchen conducted an experiment in which two manicotti were baked in identical conditions with the exception of which side of the foil they touched. It expected a difference in the amount of browning of the finished manicotti; however, it found that the foil side had no effect on the finished product.

Q&A Related to "Which side of aluminum foil should face out?"
Shiny side towards the outdoors.
It does not really matter it the shiny side
Why the plywood? Jaz.
The shiny side is slightly better reflector of heat. Face that side of the foil in the appropriate direction. To keep things cold, put the shiny side on the outside - that will reflect
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