What state quarters are hardest to find?


The U.S. Mint issued quarters sporting designs to commemorate each of the 50 states over a 10-year period beginning in 1998. The rarest of these quarters are those with low production orders and ones with striking and printing errors, such as some Wisconsin quarters.

Among the 450 million Wisconsin quarters created in 2004, only a few thousand sport an extra leaf on the ear of corn in the design. These coins have a slightly higher value due to their rarity. Coins featuring the "S" mint mark are also rare, as these were struck in San Francisco as proof sets and were not intended for circulation.

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The U.S. Mint didn't press equal numbers of quarters for every state. The fewer the coins released to commemorate a specific state, the harder those quarters are to find in circulation
According to the "Professional Coin Grading Services"the most valuable
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We collected most of ours in change. The hardest ones are the ones from the opposite coast mint. While we were out west we got the Denver ones, when we moved back East, we got the
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Which State Quarters Are Hardest to Find?
The U.S. Mint's program to produce commemorative quarters for each of the fifty states drew coin-collecting enthusiasts, known as numismatists, nationwide. Nearly 150 million Americans have begun collecting the 25-cent pieces as keepsakes. The Mint began... More »
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All state quarters are worth the same: 25 cents. They have zero collectors value. Even as proofs, it still doesn't add much value to them. This is because the ...
The 2004-D Wisconsin state quarter with an extra leaf is one of the most valuable coins circulated through the US today. This is because this coin had a very unique ...
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