What vegetables can I plant in June?


Most warm-season annual vegetables can be safely planted outdoors during the month of June. Gardeners can either sow the seeds of carrots, corn, beans, peas, radishes, cucumbers, and other vegetables directly into the garden soil or purchase starts from retail nurseries.

In some cases, it is wise to buy starts from plant nurseries instead of trying to sow seed in June. If gardeners want to grow tomatoes or peppers, for instance, sowing seeds in June may not allow enough time for the plants to properly develop. Choosing seed varieties designed for use in areas with short growing seasons gives gardeners an edge if they decide to sow these vegetables in June, even if the location enjoys a reasonably long growing season. Tomatoes and peppers can take longer to mature than most other vegetables, so gardeners should be certain to take any advantage they can with them, unless they live in a truly tropical climate.

Many gardeners who live in locations that have short growing seasons give their gardens a head start by sowing seeds indoors in peat pots and placing them in sunny windowsills about six weeks before the last frost. This way, they have healthy plants that are ready to go once frost danger is over. Some people also experience a significant amount of satisfaction in starting their own vegetables from seed rather than purchasing starts, and it can also be substantially less expensive.

Carrot, radish and beet seeds can be sown once every two weeks up until about the first of August to ensure continuous harvest throughout the season.

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