Which Volume Peroxide to Use to Color Hair?


10 or 20--many wonder which volume peroxide to use to color hair. To the best of my knowledge, a 10 volume peroxide is most appropriate to change your hair's color. Such volume contains at least 3% of peroxide.
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20 Volume Peroxide (or developer) is required for coloring white hair. It lifts & deposits in one step.
1. Mix one cup of henna powder and one cup of orange juice into your heat-safe bowl. Cover the bowl and put it in a 70-degree area for about 12 hours. 2. Add 1/2-to-1 cup of water
Your hair color should tell you the ratio to mix. It is usually 1:1, but depends on the kind of hair color, so read the box! (1:1 meaning that if you have 2 ounces of hair color,
Diluted H2O2 (between 3% and 12% is used to bleach human hair when
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