Which Way Does a Lawn Mower Blade Go on?


Each lawn mower is constructed somewhat uniquely, so there may be variation on blades, and blade shapes. The leading edge (relatively straight part of the blade) and the lift wing (the notched part) operate together to create air lift and cut the grass. The blade should be put on so that the sharp edge of the blade is the leading edge with the wing facing upward, toward the engine. With the wheels on the ground, the blade should rotates clock wise.
Q&A Related to "Which Way Does a Lawn Mower Blade Go on?"
The part that says grass side. The wings go up.
It should say "this side up" on the blade itself that goes toward the lawnmower Arthur Wright
when in doubt, I always go with righty tighty, lefty lucy!!! works everytime!!!
On my Murray I turn the nut counter clockwise to loosen.
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