Which zoos in the United States have pandas?


The zoos in the United States that currently have pandas are the National Zoo in Washington, D.C, the San Diego Zoo, the Zoo of Atlanta and the Memphis Zoo, as of 2014. The giant panda is an endangered species. Because of this, it is considered a great honor for a zoo to have one in captivity.

Zoos also take special care of the pandas and have to make sure they have some of the best habitats. In these zoos, special habitats with lots of bamboo and other special grasses are designed. They cost a lot of money and have to pass a very specific list of tests before they are deemed worthy to house pandas. Because of their complex nature, only the best zoos get to keep pandas.

Giant pandas often measure between 4 and 6 feet long. Interestingly, many tests show that the giant panda should be a carnivore. Their teeth and stomachs are designed like a carnivores. They are even able to eat and digest meat. However, their diets consist of 99 percent grasses and bamboo. Because their stomachs are designed like a carnivores but they choose to act like an herbivore, they are only able to consume certain grasses and leaves healthily. The most common and popular for pandas is bamboo.

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Four US zoos have pandas: Washington's National Zoo and Atlanta, Memphis
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