White Castle Franchise Cost?


There is no cost for a White Castle franchise as White Castle does not offer franchise options. The company is privately owned and funded. Subsidiaries control the expansion of restaurants. White Castle expands in ways that the company sees fit and attempts t control costs be keeping the new restaurant near their supply chain. This results in a slow expansion of the company. White Castle does not sell stock or offer private buy-ins or any other way for the public at large to own or operate any part of the White Castle chain.
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As stated on. White Castle's website. their restaurants and all their subsidiaries are privately owned and operated. The company does not franchise or offer stock options, and finances
$49,700 and more fees is an estimate what a White Castle might cost.
White Castle restaurants DO NOT franchise in the United States; all stores are company owned and operated. copy and paste the
http://www.whitecastle.com/food/menu. one burger is 55 to 60 cents, then so on. save money buying the meals. my local WC is fast and the food is great.
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