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There are many different types of white flowering trees. A few are the White Dogwood, Yoshino Cherry, and the Cleveland Pear Tree. The White Dogwood will grow up to 25 feet high and can have a 25-foot spread. It grows in hardiness regions 5 – 9. The Yoshino will grow up to 50 feet high and may have a spread up to 40 feet. It grows best in hardiness regions 5 – 8. The Cleveland Pear tree may grow to upwards of 30 feet and have a 20-foot spread. It grows best in hardiness regions 4 – 8.
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It's a. Plumeria Tree. known for its fragrant flowers. In Hawaii, it is common to see flower leis made from the flowers of these trees. I had one in my back yard, when I was growing
1. Examine the bark on the tree. White flowering trees in Michigan have bark that range from reddish brown to black. Honeylocust trees have greyish brown to black bark with thorns
sweet bay. Most Magnolias have white flowers although a few have pink or purple ones.
They are Bradford pears. I have seen them as tall as 35 feet, but most are 20 feet. They do have an unusual smell. They were a very popular "small" tree during the 1980s
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Identification Guide for Flowering Trees
Trees that produce flowers are among the most valued of ornamentals. There are even many species of trees growing in the wild that are capable of flowering. Identifying flowering trees is a task best attempted when they're in bloom.... More »
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There are several different types of white flowering trees. These include the White Dogwood Tree, the Kousa Dogwood Tree, the Yoshino Cherry Tree, the Cleveland Pear Tree, and the Autumn Cherry Tree. Other white flowering trees include the Japanese Snowball Tree, and the White Weeping Cherry Tree. Most of these trees can be found at nurserys, Lowe's, Home Depot, as well as other lawn and garden stores. Prices can range between $8.00 to over $100 depending on the tree, and depending on where you purchase it from.
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