How do you kill white mold in the basement?


A person can kill white mold in the basement by combining bleach and warm water in a bucket. White powdery mold in basement can be removed with a saturated sponge. A scrubber will also be needed.
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1. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon lukewarm water. Add 1 cup oxygen bleach and mix with a spoon until the bleach is dissolved. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. 2. Saturate a sponge in
That is a disease called "powdery mildew" and your plants and soil are now infected. and they will die. You can't cure them. Pull them out and get them out of your garden
How to make sure that all mold has been removed 2 Attachment(s) Attachment 26823 Attachment 26824 Hi friends, Few months ago, We had found some of the basement floor were getting
I saw your tweet and had to answer. Jason is correct and let me clarify 1.) Moisture (humidity over 62%) -- often mold is a sign of water leak/damage 2.) Temperatures 50 degrees and
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