White Spots after Tanning?


White spots after tanning are a result of being in the sun for an extended period of time. The white spots prevent melanin from being produced in the skin where the white spots reside. This prevents the skin from tanning.
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What Are the White Spots on Skin From Sun Exposure?
Many people strive for a suntan year round. Indoor tanning salons, self tanning lotions, or a good long soak in the sun are all ways to achieve a sun-kissed glow. Some people bake for hours in the sun's rays or use tanning booths and receive not only a... More »
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The reason you get white spots on your skin when you tan is because of a fungus called Tinea Versicolor. You need to stop tanning for a few months. Try treating it with Selsun Blue
It might be either a skin fungus or is just the way your skin develops after
1. Locate all of the areas on your skin where the white spots have formed. This will help determine how much product you will need to cover up the white spots. 2. Apply kojic acid
Sounds like a European Starling with winter plumage.
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White spots that arise after being in a tanning bed are typically fungus from the tanning bed. However, it is possible they may be something else such as the pigment ...
Most of the time to cure white spots on your skin from tanning you need a topical treatment. Some oral medications work for some people but not all. You should ...
You can get rid of white spots from tanning by getting a treatment for the fungus infection from your doctor. It is likely that the white spots are a result from ...
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