White Tigers Food Chain?


Just like most tigers, the white tigers food chain consist of any large animal that it can catch. Being a Tiger, the white Tiger is pretty fast and can catch their prey off guard or outrun the prey. Known prey for white Tigers include deer, antelope, and cattle.
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they eat other animals. The white tigers food chain is raw meat and other kinds of meat. The white tigers food chain is raw meat and other kinds of meat.
Nothing eats the tiger - that's why it's known as a "top predator" (also called "apex predator" "alpha predator" "superpredator" or "top-level
Tigers and panthers are equal on the food chain since they
Tigers are carnivores, so they eat meat. White tigers generally only live in captivity, so depending on the country were they are, they could be fed anything for beef to fish to
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Tigers eat large, hooved animals. No species of tiger has any natural predators besides humans.
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