What is white topaz?


White topaz is a beautiful stone that is commonly used in jewelry. It has many similarities to diamonds including clarity and durability. Topaz is found in different colors including white, green, orange, brown, and black and has an impressive shine to it which makes it look like it is polished. Topaz jewelry is a popular alternative to diamond jewelry because it is much more affordable and the two look very similar. White topaz is also a nice gem to use for the April birthstone.
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White topaz is a semi-precious, natural, transparent stone. It forms as a crystal and is mined in many countries, including Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States. Topaz
Cool name! There are a lot of people named Topaze. What city/state is Topaze from so that I can
An old toothbrush, soap, and running water is a good start, but beware that topaz is heat sensitive.
white topaz has a little bit more of a yellow tint to it than a real diamond does. it is a little bit more expensive than cubic zirconia though.
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White is one of the many colors of topaz; this clear type is called white, silver or clear. It is the pure form of topaz with no impurities. A white topaz is frequently used in place of a diamond.... More »
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