What Is the Most Effective Whitening Lotion?


Many expensive creams on the Internet claim to be the most effective whitening lotion. The natural remedy of a lemon and honey mask actually seems to whiten and brighten the best though.
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I dont understand why you would want your skin to be lighter as most pale skinned people strive to have skin like yours. you should be proud to have dark skin, i would if i were you
You can buy online. Go to cosmeticamerica.com and amazon.com. You can also go to walmart. One of the best whitening lotion is Olay intensive whitening lotion.
i am a fair-skinned girl who wants to have lighter or whiter skin. i have tried different brands of whitening soaps and lotions already but it seems that my skin is not getting any
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Homemade Whitening Lotion
Traditional skin whitening can be done at an aesthetician's office using harsh chemical treatments. Skin bleaching has potentially dangerous side effects, and can cause severe reactions in those with sensitive skin. You can easily make a skin whitening... More »
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