Who are dell competitors?


If you have a Dell computer you will have to know that other companies like Hewlett Packard, Aser, and Sony are some competitors. There are many more competitors but these are the biggest.
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The single biggest difference is the chipset. Apple uses a Motorola chipset, Dell uses Intel (or Intel based) chipset.
Alienware is overrated. I personally use a Toshiba and it has had some issues, although nothing I can't fix (even though it sometimes takes me a whole day by opening my laptop to
The Dell XPS M1530 has been described by some as the ultimate gaming laptop. No comparative listings found - Sony VAIO VGN-CR190 (Indigo) is top of range
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There ar many different Dell competitors. They are: HP, Sony, Acer, Gateway, Lenova, IBM, NEC, Tangent, eMachines, Super Micro, Apple, Unisys, Alienware to name a few.
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